Top advices for choosing a wedding dress

When choosing a wedding dress it is important to put the limit to up to 3 or 4 stores, as you can easily forget which dress you liked and tried on where. It is a good idea to take a small notebook with you and write down details about the different dresses, and how you are treated in each store. Are the sales people polite and treating you with respect? It is essential that the people selling you a dress are competent enough and have a good behavior towards you.

Getting help

When you go to the wedding store, it is the sales person you will mostly communicate with. A good salesman is the one that will ask you for the type of wedding you are planning, how you want to look and what type of dress you are looking for. He will after that take your measurements and will choose for himself what type of dresses will look good on your body type. After that he will bring you dresses to try on. It is always a good idea to let the sales person help you with the dressing part as the dresses are usually very delicate and gentle. He will be the person that knows perfect ways to put on and take off a dress.

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Bring some pictures of dresses you liked with you, because it may turn out that those are not as good for your figure as you thought they will be. A good advice is to use the sales person as he is the expert, working with future brides every single day. Don’t try to reject the ideas he will give you at first and the dresses he will bring you. Many brides, on their wedding day, are dressed exactly with the dresses they have first rejected to try. If you think the proposals are good, take them, but never accept a sales person trying to change your mind. This is because a good salesman will never try to convince you to buy something or push you too much and try to change your opinion. It is good to try at least 5,6 dresses, because then you will be more sure in your choice. More about fashion read here!

Who and what to take

When you shop for first time, you will probably want to take something with you to help you make choice – your mother, sister, best friend, etc. But never take more than 2 people with you as this can cause confusion. When trying a dress, you would like to see yourself as a finished bride, and therefore is good to take some accessories with you. Most of the stores will offer you shoes, to try the dress with, but it is best if you take yours. Here is an example of what else you can bring – a bra, tights and shoes with heel as high as you are planning to wear on the wedding.  It is also a good idea to bring some towels and a bottle of water, as you will get tired of trying on dresses all day. In most stores, the cameras are forbidden, so you better remember the dresses you liked most. Be ready to reserve the dress that you stop on and this will be usually 50% of its price.

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In the end, there is no specific advice about what exactly your dress should look like, but one thing is sure – the one that you put on and you say wow about, is your dress. It is your choice, so you have to be the one that really likes the dress and how it fits you. To make the special day good and magical, it is essential that you feel good and comfortable.