Taking a baby to a wedding

Vælg det rigtige udstyr og tøj til din babyA lot of people I know have cancelled their wedding invitations because of a newborn baby or small children. Having a kid at a big wedding can often be pretty hard, but not always impossible.
As with most baby things, it all comes down to planning. Have you remembered the proper baby gear? Food and milk for the baby, a place where he or she can sleep quietly while you still monitor the baby through a baby monitor. Some toys to play with once the baby gets bored.
A lot of people and a lot of noise can be hard on most children under 5. And weddings are normally pretty crowded which equals a lot of noise. The other problem is quite the opposite. Some parts of the wedding like the ceremony requires the guests to be very quiet. Something that can be a little tricky with a newborn.
Because of these problems, most simple reject the invitation and plan something else instead. Even though they would most likely gladly have come to the wedding, if not for the baby or little kids.

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How to attend a wedding with a baby

Firstly it’s important that you have all the things you might need ready at hand during the entire wedding. Things like napkins, food and milk, toys for the little one and fresh diapers. You will need a quiet room close to the wedding party, where your baby can get some rest and quiet surroundings.
At some weddings they have hired a babysitter, which can help with some of the tasks, if there are people bringing small ones to the wedding. Otherwise you might be able to make a deal with some of the other guests you know, or your husband so you also get a little you time, to enjoy the wedding. Otherwise it can easily because more trouble than worth it, to attend the wedding.

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Bringing a baby carrier is often also a good idea. If it’s not too loud and not during the ceremony it’s will be nice to both you and the baby to be close to each other. Something that is possible with a good quality baby carrier. But you do not want to use the baby carrier for the entire wedding, having a baby carriage or somewhere else for the baby to sleep is often a big help. The same goes for any other baby gear which you may need.
The important part, is that you will also have a little time to relax and enjoy the wedding, without only having to think about your child. For many mothers this will most likely be one of the hardest part.

Dressing the child up in some fancy clothing is also part of the joys of going to a wedding. For many this is probably one of the best parts.