Smykker – find the right jewelry for a banquet

Selecting the right jewelry to wear for a banquet can be quite the challange. Should you wear your finest silvery or gold necklace, what about that big diamond ring your husband gave you last year? Or the beautful flower broche from your grandmother? It can sometimes be quite the struggle to find the right combination of jewelry to wear when going to a big event, like a banquet often is.
So here’s a few advices to help you make the whole selection process easier. All these tips are based on an old article by Smykker, which I helped write a while back. You can find the original Smykke article here.

Start by selecting the clothes

While many women makes the mistake of selecting the jewelry first, it’s actually much easier if you start out by figuring out which clothes you want to wear (this part if often even harder than picking out the jewelry). For instance that fine white flower necklace you have, might look stunning with your slim black dress, but would be a total disaster with your big red puffy dress. So before you have decided on which clothes to wear, don’t even think about your necklaces, fingerrings or bracelets. For inspiration take a look here at this page about armbånd

Which pieces to wear

You may have heard the expression – simple is elegant, and when it comes to wearing jewelry this is also often the case. Often there is no need to wear both rings on each hands, broche, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Choosing 3 of the above is ofte a good solution to avoid wearing to much bling. For a banquet i often prefer either a broche or necklace, 1 or two rings on the same hand, a pair of earrings or a bracelet. While it might be tempting to wear multiple bracelets such as pearl or a few Shambella armbånd, don’t. Stick with a simple silver or diamond bracelets. To big or to many bracelets looks out of place at a banquet or any other big classy event.

Gold, silver or something else

Should you wear the expensive gold bracelets, or your silver rings? Mixing materials for an event like a banquet is never a good idea. Select the material the goes well with your clothing, and stick with that material. So if you decide on a fine silver bracelet, don’t mix it with golden earrings or a broche in roseguld. The more expensive metals are ofte prepared for an occasion like this.

Choosing the right designs

For a banquet you shouldn’t go with a modern or very unique design. Stay with the simple and classic designs, then chance are you won’t go wrong. A simple necklace with a silver chance and a small heart could be a nice piece of jewelry for this. Keep it simple, but don’t make it look to cheap either.

As you can see, it can be quite the challange to mix everything the right way and come out with a perfect result.