Kostumer – costumes and parties

valg af kostumerThrough a good costume party is often really fun. For some reason adding a costume to the event, takes it to a whole new level. Here the other week me and my boyfriend was visiting kostume – a special costume party and it was a blast. So let’s take a look at a what makes Kostumer so special and why we all love costumes so much.

Becomming a new persona

One of the reasons a lot of us love to dress out, is we get the chance to become a whole new persona. For instance if I put on a Elsa from Frozen costume, I would also take on some of her personality. We all know how she would act and when getting the change to act like her, we would. If you put on a zombie halloween costume, you would have to walk like a zombie, scare the kids and not being able to talk. It’s a bit like acting, and who doesn’t like acting?

Choosing the right costume

Another of the good things about going to a costume party like Kostumer, is choosing a costume for the event. Should it be something simple, or something complicated? Should it be something you create yourself, or do you logon to one of the oneline costume shops and just buy something you like? The whole process of selecting the dress you are going to wear, is a big part of the fun. I can easily spend two weeks just deciding what to wear.

The smell is also important

One thing is to look good, another is how you smell. If you are dressed out like a drunken pirate, no worries you will get there. But if you are dressed out in a princess costume, a lady or something elegant, you should also consider which perfume to wear. Should it be a Vichy since it’s good for your health? La Roche-Posay because of the smell, or something entirely else? Be sure to select a perfume that fits your costume.

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Become part of a group

One of the good things about costumes, is that you are suddenly part of something bigger than yourself. For instance if your group have choosen a starwars theme, you can put on a Darth Vader costume and feel like you belong to the group. Now you are not just Jennifer, you are a character that fits in. Being part of something bigger makes the experience much more intense. Read more about this in our old article on important events.

Popular costumes

What are the more popular types of costumes people are buying these days. Well an event like Halloween – vampires, witches and zombies are always a popular choice. I remember my last Halloween party where I was dressed out like a skeleton, and scaring the hell out of the local children. Really fun experience. Other themes that are always a hit are pirates, disney costumes, star wars etc. Here’s a few pictures of a Halloween Party

So what you should consider when selecting a costume for your next event? Well always pick something that you can affort, not point in spending a $1000 dollar on a costume, you get to use once, if you don’t really have a lot of money. Choose something practical – Some dresses are so fancy that they are a pain to wear, not literally (well in some cases), but it may be hard to eat, drink, dance or pee in your costume, so select something where those things are still possible.

You could of course make your own costumes, here’s a small video that gives you a few example of DIY projects that everything could do.