Hegn – making your garden beautiful

Do you have a garden and want to make it extra nice? Well then have you considered investing in a beautiful fence or hegn to divide it into small sections that you can each give it’s own individual style? Having a big open garden is often far from what most people consider cozy. One way to make a big garden more cozy is to divide it all into smaller areas, either by using plants or tree, or by using a wooden fence or hegn. For my own garden I turned it into 4 smaller sections. One where i placed my BBQ grill and a table, where we can sit an enjoy the nice weather, a really cozy area for the entire family. The second section is where i placed a small pond with fishes, stones and bonsai trees, inspired by the japanese traditions. A beautiful little piece of japen, where I love to walk around and enjoy the view. The third part is my lawn. A place where my husband gets some exercise walking around with the Lawn mower, and where the kids can play with the soccer ball without breaking anything important. The 4th section is where I have my toolshred and my flowers. There is a lot of stone in this part of the garden and a big Balusterhegn to frame it all in.

hegn til haven - eksempel på et havehegn fra ishøj

Selecting the right fence

When you want to divide your garden into smaller pieces, it’s important to select the right type of fence. For some security is important, and here a good strong metalfence like the Fletværkshegn can be a good choice. It’s not as beautiful an option as the Balusterhegn, but it’s more security and cheaper. For most people however, a typical wooden fence or a weaved fence would be the ideal option, as this often looks a bit more natural in the garden. You can see an example of such a fence here at samheon.dk.

Noice reduction fence

A special type of fence that many really love is the noice reduction fence. For many people who live near a freeway or some industri, this type of fence can reduce the noise from those places quite a bit, and once more bring tranquility back to your garden.

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Weaved fence or hegn

A weaved fence is in my opinion the most beautiful fence for a garden. It looks natural and fits in most places. Especially if it’s one of those Willow fences, which is very beautiful. The main problem however with many of these waved fences, is that they ofte break in a heavy storm. So if you live a place with a lot of storms, then this may not be the ideal solution for your needs.

Some types of fenses like Hegn, is easy to do yourself, here a small video that shows, how you can install a fence yourself. It’s not always quite as hard as you should thing.