Do use a baby carrier for your next banquet

For many mothers baby carriers are a true blessing. Why you ask? Well as a mother you know how hard it can be to keep a child quiet during a busy party or banquet. Having it in the baby stroller or carriage it’s hard to get the child to keep quiet and relaxed, especially smaller children.
But have you tried relaxing the baby in a baby carrier or baby wrap? It works wonders. Those of you who have tried baby carriers or babywraps know how effective they are at keeping your child calm.

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Why a baby carrier is so effective at keeping your child calm

Remember that all babys have a rather limited vision. It takes a few months for the new childs eyes to really adjust to the world and be able to see all the wonderful new things around it. This means that the babys vision is limited to maybe a few feet at the best. So when it can’t see it’s mother, the little one don’t feel really safe. So unless the baby is really tired, it’s much more likely to cry and be unhappy. But if you carry the baby around in a baby carrier like BabyBjørn, Bæresele, Babyudstyr or Ergobaby it’s suddenly much more relaxed. When it’s in the babycarrier, or a baby sling or wrap for that matter, it can see it’s mother, hear her heartbeat and feel her warm body. These things tend to relax a young child quite a bit. So when you are at the reception or banquet with your precious one, using baby carriers in good quality is the best way to keep your child quiet and calm.

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Are all baby carriers equally good?

The quick answer is no. Newer baby carriers are often a lot more comfortable and ergonomic. Especially the premium models like Bæreseler or Ergobaby. Because they are more ergonomic the baby is resting more comfortable in it, and you will also notice that it’s a lot easier to carry around in one of those models. So basically the better and more expensive model you buy, like the Ergobaby 360 four positions, the longer you can carry your around in around in the baby carrier. Another benefit of using these types of baby items, is that you got your hands free, to do all other stuff. For instance it’s really easy to breast feed your child, when it’s relaxing in a babywrap near you.

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Ergobaby bæresele - de bedste bæreseler and baby carriers

Other tips to keep your child quiet at a banquet or reception

Having the child close to you, like in a baby wrap, sling or carrier is a great way to keep your child relaxed and quiet. But that isn’t always possible. So how do you keep your baby relaxed during these special events? Nobody want’s to hear a baby cry at a wedding or similar type of event. One trick I often use, is to take it for a long walk before the event. Having it lay in the baby carriage or in your baby carrier, and talk to the baby to keep it awake while you walk. This often makes him or her, relaxed enough to sleep for a few hours. Be sure that the child is feed and clean after the walk.
Another tip is to have someone play with the child. One of the other children at the event, or maybe hire a young girl as a nanny. It gives you much more free time during the event, and is often worth the money.