Become beautiful with Vichy

Thermal water from Vichy - for your health and beauty
When you are going to a banquet, a wedding or a party it’s always important to look beautiful. One way of improving your looks, is to do some workout or fitness in order to obtain a good looking body. This takes a lot of time and isn’t for everybody. Another way is to improve your hair. A good hairdresser can ofte work miracles with your hair, which can dramatically improve your looks.
Put on some nice clothing is another way of looking great. Almost everybody looks good in the right clothing. What you should wear depends on several factors, like your body color, type of body, and the current fashion, in your area.
Another thing you can do to improve your looks, is your skin. Something a look of people don’t think about (especially many men). One way is to use a good and healthy skin moisturizer like Vichy or La Roche-Posay.

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Why use Vichy instead of a normal product?

One of the reasons why I am so fond of the Vichy series, is because it’s effective. But so are many other products like L’oreal, Decubal or Nivea. Compared to those products there are two additional reasons why you should consider Vichy.

The first reason is that it’s specifically developed for people with sensitive skin.This mean that it’s a product that everybody can use. No matter what type of skin you have, or what age you are, then this is very likely to be something that is healthy for your skin.

The second additional reason, is that they think about what ingredience they use in their perfumes, lotions and soaps. Using their products you are less likely to expose your skin for harmfull chemicals, chemicals that could damage your skin or health in the long run.

So when using Vichy, you don’t only get a product that works wonders on your skin, it also rather safe to use, compared to many other similar brands.

If you arn’t to fond of the Vichy Series, then you could consider a brand like La Roche-Posay, a sub company of L’oreal, but with focus on all the products being easy on the skin.

Become more healhty with fitness and workout

How long does it take to see an affect?

If you are already using a quality creame or lotion, you probably won’t notice a huge change for quite a while. But if you don’t use any products like these on your skin or hair, or it’s just the cheap brands. Then I am sure you will very likely notice that you get a much smoother and cleaner skin, if used daily for 3-4 weeks. It’s not something you just add once, like a makeup and notice a big affect right away. It’s slowly improving your skin and hair, so you become more beautiful over time. Of course some of their products work like makeup and gives an instantly smoother skin with more glow. But this affect will slowly wear of again, so we are going after a more long term solution.

Being beautiful isn’t something most people are born to be (well in lucky cases they are), but for many of os, something that requires time and taking good care of your body, your hair your health and your skin.

Health and beauty often goes hand in hand, so if you want to look your best, you need to take good care of yourself too.

Since christmas is almost here – I’ll share a little video with a few easy beauty tips for christmas.

Happy Christmas and a happy new year to all of you!
Love XOXO,
Jennifer Rose