Do use a baby carrier for your next banquet

For many mothers baby carriers are a true blessing. Why you ask? Well as a mother you know how hard it can be to keep a child quiet during a busy party or banquet. Having it in the baby stroller or carriage it’s hard to get the child to keep quiet and relaxed, especially smaller children.
But have you tried relaxing the baby in a baby carrier or baby wrap? It works wonders. Those of you who have tried baby carriers or babywraps know how effective they are at keeping your child calm.

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Why a baby carrier is so effective at keeping your child calm

Remember that all babys have a rather limited vision. It takes a few months for the new childs eyes to really adjust to the world and be able to see all the wonderful new things around it. This means that the babys vision is limited to maybe a few feet at the best. So when it can’t see it’s mother, the little one don’t feel really safe. So unless the baby is really tired, it’s much more likely to cry and be unhappy. But if you carry the baby around in a baby carrier like BabyBjørn, Bæresele, Babyudstyr or Ergobaby it’s suddenly much more relaxed. When it’s in the babycarrier, or a baby sling or wrap for that matter, it can see it’s mother, hear her heartbeat and feel her warm body. These things tend to relax a young child quite a bit. So when you are at the reception or banquet with your precious one, using baby carriers in good quality is the best way to keep your child quiet and calm.

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Are all baby carriers equally good?

The quick answer is no. Newer baby carriers are often a lot more comfortable and ergonomic. Especially the premium models like Bæreseler or Ergobaby. Because they are more ergonomic the baby is resting more comfortable in it, and you will also notice that it’s a lot easier to carry around in one of those models. So basically the better and more expensive model you buy, like the Ergobaby 360 four positions, the longer you can carry your around in around in the baby carrier. Another benefit of using these types of baby items, is that you got your hands free, to do all other stuff. For instance it’s really easy to breast feed your child, when it’s relaxing in a babywrap near you.

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Ergobaby bæresele - de bedste bæreseler and baby carriers

Other tips to keep your child quiet at a banquet or reception

Having the child close to you, like in a baby wrap, sling or carrier is a great way to keep your child relaxed and quiet. But that isn’t always possible. So how do you keep your baby relaxed during these special events? Nobody want’s to hear a baby cry at a wedding or similar type of event. One trick I often use, is to take it for a long walk before the event. Having it lay in the baby carriage or in your baby carrier, and talk to the baby to keep it awake while you walk. This often makes him or her, relaxed enough to sleep for a few hours. Be sure that the child is feed and clean after the walk.
Another tip is to have someone play with the child. One of the other children at the event, or maybe hire a young girl as a nanny. It gives you much more free time during the event, and is often worth the money.

Taking a baby to a wedding

Vælg det rigtige udstyr og tøj til din babyA lot of people I know have cancelled their wedding invitations because of a newborn baby or small children. Having a kid at a big wedding can often be pretty hard, but not always impossible.
As with most baby things, it all comes down to planning. Have you remembered the proper baby gear? Food and milk for the baby, a place where he or she can sleep quietly while you still monitor the baby through a baby monitor. Some toys to play with once the baby gets bored.
A lot of people and a lot of noise can be hard on most children under 5. And weddings are normally pretty crowded which equals a lot of noise. The other problem is quite the opposite. Some parts of the wedding like the ceremony requires the guests to be very quiet. Something that can be a little tricky with a newborn.
Because of these problems, most simple reject the invitation and plan something else instead. Even though they would most likely gladly have come to the wedding, if not for the baby or little kids.

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How to attend a wedding with a baby

Firstly it’s important that you have all the things you might need ready at hand during the entire wedding. Things like napkins, food and milk, toys for the little one and fresh diapers. You will need a quiet room close to the wedding party, where your baby can get some rest and quiet surroundings.
At some weddings they have hired a babysitter, which can help with some of the tasks, if there are people bringing small ones to the wedding. Otherwise you might be able to make a deal with some of the other guests you know, or your husband so you also get a little you time, to enjoy the wedding. Otherwise it can easily because more trouble than worth it, to attend the wedding.

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Bringing a baby carrier is often also a good idea. If it’s not too loud and not during the ceremony it’s will be nice to both you and the baby to be close to each other. Something that is possible with a good quality baby carrier. But you do not want to use the baby carrier for the entire wedding, having a baby carriage or somewhere else for the baby to sleep is often a big help. The same goes for any other baby gear which you may need.
The important part, is that you will also have a little time to relax and enjoy the wedding, without only having to think about your child. For many mothers this will most likely be one of the hardest part.

Dressing the child up in some fancy clothing is also part of the joys of going to a wedding. For many this is probably one of the best parts.

Use magnesium to get a clean skin for your wedding

Every bride wants a clean and healthy looking skin on her wedding day. There are several ways to obtain this. One way is to use a quality skin care product like Vichy, which we looked at last month, but there are a few more ways to obtain a good looking skin. Today we will be focusing on another way of obtaining a healthy look skin. A nutrition supplement called Magnesium. Without magnesium in our body, we could not produce energy. Also our muscles would be in a permanent state of contraction, and we could not adjust the levels of cholesterol produced in our body. Magnesium is also one of the central element in chlorophyll, which all plans use to create energi. It’s also one of the most important types of minerals in our body as it regulate over 300 biochemical reactions in the body through their role as enzyme co-factors. Several of these 300 biochemical reactions are related to our skin. If we don’t have enough magnesium in our body, these functions won’t work properly. And if they are not working as good as it should, it will also affect how our skin looks.
Let’s a look at some of the ways we can improve our skin, to make it look as nice as posible.

perfect skin with vichy and magnesium

Taking a nutrition supplement like magnesium

Without enough magnesium in our body, our skin won’t be able to regenerate the daily micro damage properly. Over time this can lead to poor skin conditions. Things like small cracks, acne, miscolors and other minor skin problems. So by taking a small daily supplement of magnesium, you can easily prevent this from happening and regain a nice looking skin.
Luckily magnesium supplement is pretty cheap, and can be bought at most stores selling healty products or nutrition supplements.

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Vichy and other skin care products

If having a beautiful skin is important for you, then you are most likely using some kind of skin moisturizer. But did you also know that there is a huge difference if how healthy such a moisturizer is for your body? Using a quality product like Vichy, Decubal or La Rosey Posay can really make a world of difference. The main reason is that they are free of the potential harmfull ingrediences that are sometimes found in other similar products.

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Having a healthy lifestyle

One of the best ways to get a healthy look skin (and healthy look body), is to live a healthy lifestyle. Don’t be eating a lot of suger and fats, eat a lot of quality organic meat and vegetables instead. Do a little workout a few times a week, like swimming, running or taking a trip on the bicycle. Just get out and start doing some exercises.
With a lifestyle like this, chances are pretty high that you will get all the daily supplement your body needs, including magnesium. So you won’t have to spend money on various vitamines and minerals.
As a bonus you will also begin to feel great after awhile, there are so many benefits to having a healthy body that you will be surprised you havent done this before.

As you can see there are several ways to getting that silky smoothy perfect skin. So isn’t it also time for you, to start taking your skin serious?

Become beautiful with Vichy

Thermal water from Vichy - for your health and beauty
When you are going to a banquet, a wedding or a party it’s always important to look beautiful. One way of improving your looks, is to do some workout or fitness in order to obtain a good looking body. This takes a lot of time and isn’t for everybody. Another way is to improve your hair. A good hairdresser can ofte work miracles with your hair, which can dramatically improve your looks.
Put on some nice clothing is another way of looking great. Almost everybody looks good in the right clothing. What you should wear depends on several factors, like your body color, type of body, and the current fashion, in your area.
Another thing you can do to improve your looks, is your skin. Something a look of people don’t think about (especially many men). One way is to use a good and healthy skin moisturizer like Vichy or La Roche-Posay.

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Why use Vichy instead of a normal product?

One of the reasons why I am so fond of the Vichy series, is because it’s effective. But so are many other products like L’oreal, Decubal or Nivea. Compared to those products there are two additional reasons why you should consider Vichy.

The first reason is that it’s specifically developed for people with sensitive skin.This mean that it’s a product that everybody can use. No matter what type of skin you have, or what age you are, then this is very likely to be something that is healthy for your skin.

The second additional reason, is that they think about what ingredience they use in their perfumes, lotions and soaps. Using their products you are less likely to expose your skin for harmfull chemicals, chemicals that could damage your skin or health in the long run.

So when using Vichy, you don’t only get a product that works wonders on your skin, it also rather safe to use, compared to many other similar brands.

If you arn’t to fond of the Vichy Series, then you could consider a brand like La Roche-Posay, a sub company of L’oreal, but with focus on all the products being easy on the skin.

Become more healhty with fitness and workout

How long does it take to see an affect?

If you are already using a quality creame or lotion, you probably won’t notice a huge change for quite a while. But if you don’t use any products like these on your skin or hair, or it’s just the cheap brands. Then I am sure you will very likely notice that you get a much smoother and cleaner skin, if used daily for 3-4 weeks. It’s not something you just add once, like a makeup and notice a big affect right away. It’s slowly improving your skin and hair, so you become more beautiful over time. Of course some of their products work like makeup and gives an instantly smoother skin with more glow. But this affect will slowly wear of again, so we are going after a more long term solution.

Being beautiful isn’t something most people are born to be (well in lucky cases they are), but for many of os, something that requires time and taking good care of your body, your hair your health and your skin.

Health and beauty often goes hand in hand, so if you want to look your best, you need to take good care of yourself too.

Since christmas is almost here – I’ll share a little video with a few easy beauty tips for christmas.

Happy Christmas and a happy new year to all of you!
Love XOXO,
Jennifer Rose

Kostumer – costumes and parties

valg af kostumerThrough a good costume party is often really fun. For some reason adding a costume to the event, takes it to a whole new level. Here the other week me and my boyfriend was visiting kostume – a special costume party and it was a blast. So let’s take a look at a what makes Kostumer so special and why we all love costumes so much.

Becomming a new persona

One of the reasons a lot of us love to dress out, is we get the chance to become a whole new persona. For instance if I put on a Elsa from Frozen costume, I would also take on some of her personality. We all know how she would act and when getting the change to act like her, we would. If you put on a zombie halloween costume, you would have to walk like a zombie, scare the kids and not being able to talk. It’s a bit like acting, and who doesn’t like acting?

Choosing the right costume

Another of the good things about going to a costume party like Kostumer, is choosing a costume for the event. Should it be something simple, or something complicated? Should it be something you create yourself, or do you logon to one of the oneline costume shops and just buy something you like? The whole process of selecting the dress you are going to wear, is a big part of the fun. I can easily spend two weeks just deciding what to wear.

The smell is also important

One thing is to look good, another is how you smell. If you are dressed out like a drunken pirate, no worries you will get there. But if you are dressed out in a princess costume, a lady or something elegant, you should also consider which perfume to wear. Should it be a Vichy since it’s good for your health? La Roche-Posay because of the smell, or something entirely else? Be sure to select a perfume that fits your costume.

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Become part of a group

One of the good things about costumes, is that you are suddenly part of something bigger than yourself. For instance if your group have choosen a starwars theme, you can put on a Darth Vader costume and feel like you belong to the group. Now you are not just Jennifer, you are a character that fits in. Being part of something bigger makes the experience much more intense. Read more about this in our old article on important events.

Popular costumes

What are the more popular types of costumes people are buying these days. Well an event like Halloween – vampires, witches and zombies are always a popular choice. I remember my last Halloween party where I was dressed out like a skeleton, and scaring the hell out of the local children. Really fun experience. Other themes that are always a hit are pirates, disney costumes, star wars etc. Here’s a few pictures of a Halloween Party

So what you should consider when selecting a costume for your next event? Well always pick something that you can affort, not point in spending a $1000 dollar on a costume, you get to use once, if you don’t really have a lot of money. Choose something practical – Some dresses are so fancy that they are a pain to wear, not literally (well in some cases), but it may be hard to eat, drink, dance or pee in your costume, so select something where those things are still possible.

You could of course make your own costumes, here’s a small video that gives you a few example of DIY projects that everything could do.